About Meetups

The Rochdale Pioneers Organization holds a wide variety of meet ups. They vary from informal picnics to formal, black tie dinners and everything in between.

Often the type of meet up matches the purpose.

For instance, if the meet up is to encourage networking between a group of members in similar industries, the meet up will likely:

  • Occur in a conference room
  • Involve coffee and doughnuts or at most, a light lunch
  • Last around an hour or two at most
  • Be considered business informal

Above all, the purpose of every RPO meet up is to connect with local entrepreneurs and support each other.

Informal Meet Ups
Members participate in several casual events and celebrations throughout the year. They encourage a feeling of comradery and rapport between our members.

Family picnics are held once a year in Springfield Park. We have the event catered by Oldham member Eats & Meats and employ a local band for entertainment.

To continue the outdoor fun, there is a kite building and flying event, face painting and games for the kids, and a bake sale. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Keeping with the outdoor theme, is the RPO family camping weekend. Pinethorne Valley Camping is happy to host this annual event that includes more fun events and activities.

Whether you enjoy fishing, hiking, or just lying in the sun, this event has something for everyone. Don’t worry about bringing a tent, we have plenty to go around thanks to another successful member’s generous donation.

Then there are those networking meet ups we spoke of earlier. Networking with those in industries related to yours is one of the best forms of word of mouth advertising and a great way to connect with fellow members.

Share your business cards with other members and take some of theirs. Then when you come across a client or customer that might want the services they have to offer you can pass a card along.

For example, if you own a construction company and another member has an interior design firm you can refer each other often. Likewise, a doctor or dentist might refer a member who sells insurance or who owns a pharmacy.

Several other informal get-togethers pop up throughout the year and ALL of them are open to every member of The Rochdale Pioneers Organization.

Formal Meet Ups
A few times a year the members of RPO are invited to formal meet ups. These get togethers are often for a specific purpose, whether that is to raise money for Rochdale’s reconstruction of the historical district or simply to celebrate the success of our members.

Fundraisers are often held in a formal setting. Dinners for 100£ or more, auctions of services and donated goods, and other such events are organized by our group to help the community. It’s these kinds of non-profit investments that keep the foundation of Rochdale strong enough to build on.

Additional Meet Ups
Members are also known to organize in community service endeavours. These serve the obvious purpose of helping keep the community strong but also help our organization to help budding entrepreneurs by getting our name out there where they might see it.